Nir Brosh M.D.

Doctor, Mind Body & Lifestyle Medicine in Berlin

According to Dr. John E. Sarno, many pain syndromes are caused by tension and emotions. The path to healing begins therefore in establishing the true cause of the symptoms. Read here more how it might help you heal from pain

The Natural Medicine treatment enables healing of a wide range of physical and emotional problems, in a natural and gentle way, which brings about long term results. Read here more how it might help in your healing process


Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine

Nutrition is a gift of mother earth to us, and can enrich our lives in so many ways, as well as help dramatically in healing a wide variety of medical conditions. Read here more how it might help you heal 

About Dr. Nir Brosh M.D.

What our patients are saying:

“I have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and migraine for some months. Dr. Brosh has helped me to understand my symptoms in regard to my life circumstances. Together, we developed a strategy that could gradually enhance my well-being to a point where my stomach problems were gone. With his kind attentiveness, Dr. Brosh supported me by asking the right questions and giving a lot of focused consideration to my solution. I love that Dr. Brosh combines the knowledge of a Medical Doctor and a Homeopath in a profound way. The remedies he suggested were very helpful. Within the whole process, it was a lot of fun to work together with Nir, since his positive attitude was also healing.”
A.B., 32  | Psychologist

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