B. , 32, Psychologist, healing of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Migraine

“I have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and migraine for some months. Dr. Brosh has helped me to understand my symptoms in regard to my life circumstances. Together we developed a strategy that I could gradually enhance my well-being to a point where my stomach problems were gone. With his kind attentiveness Dr. Brosh supported me by asking the right questions and giving a lot of focused consideration to my solution. I love that Dr. Brosh combines the knowledge of a Medical Doctor and a Homeopath in a profound way. The remedies he suggested were very helpful. Within the whole process it was a lot of fun to work together with Nir since his positive attitude was also healing.“

S.D. 43, Interior Designer, cured Early Menopause and Heat flushes

I am 43 years old and began to suffer from an early onset menopause symptoms. Before turning to hormonal therapy I wanted to try a natural approach. What differentiated Dr. Brosh from other therapists was the fact he is both a Medical Doctor and Homeopath. Which sounded very professional to me, and apparently I was right.

In our first meeting I met a pleasant, smiling, professional and thorough physician, who went with me through the finest details of the problem I was suffering from.   He then adjusted a treatment that improved my condition dramatically. In my eyes Dr Brosh is a gifted Doctor, which was reflected both in the highly effective treatment and in his support and warm personal encouragement to adhere to the treatment plan.

To my great astonishment after 1 month with the treatment the Heat flushes were completely gone. Another pleasant surprise was the improvement I felt on the emotional level.

Along the treatment he was always there to encourage me, and supported and answered any question I have had with much patience and care.

I am truly happy that I could receive the treatment that helped me improve so wonderfully, and I thank you for the professional attitude, generosity, dedication and the accuracy of adjusting me the right treatment

I believe that I have found an excellent Doctor and I thank you for that!

T.F. 42, Engineer, recovered from 2 years of Back pain and Herniated disc (Tension Myositis Syndrome)

‘I feel perfectly well and completely pain free! It is such a delight to feel healthy again and go back to my normal functioning! Owing to the renewed painless state, I was able to go back to the wonderful intensity of my life. The path we walked together brought about a huge improvement and the more I think of it, I realize I have acquired tools that could help me cope with whatever may come. Thank you for everything! You are a wonderful Doctor and you have basically saved me. ‘