Yossi Avni, suffered from 2 years of debilitatin back pain

My name is Yossi Avni and I’m 58 years old, working for high pace high-tech demanding company.

I started suffering from back pain about 2 years ago which came and go till a point I was hardly able to walk.

MRI revealed L4/5 disk bulging as well as narrowness up the spine. I have tried almost everything short of surgery. Pain was un bearable. I got ever stronger pain killers, anti-inflammation shots to no avail.

I have tried alternative medicine including Acupuncture,  Ostopathy, physiotherapy and Alexander method (which helped 2 years ago) but all went south early 2020 where my back pain came back with a vengeance. 

Early in the year my pain became worse and worse till about June time frame, I could stand up anymore and was forced to crawl to around the house.

I was desperate and depressed and then came across an article at YNET about the book of Dr. Nir Brosh.

I sent my wife to get me the book and gulped it over the weekend. It was on the verge of Voodoo. Who would believe that the actual reading of the book, would stand for about 50% of the cure process.

Then I went on to read a lot about TMS and being a thorough person whom I am, I decide to embark on a 2 parallel and complementary paths: I enrolled to the 7 weeks program of Dr. Nir Brosh and also enrolled to the 14 sessions program of Nicole Zachs. Where Nicole program is mainly about continuous journaling and is available in English only, Dr. Brosh’s program is in Hebrew and is more down to the earth.

Fortunately I have experienced a relatively fast healing. Within 2 weeks I have managed to walk up straight again and gradually I managed to resume all of my previous activities.

I went back to ride my bicycle, my motorcycle, swim and fast walk and enjoy a healthy life style.

I’d like to thank Dr. Brosh the comprehensive program who put together and for the 2 online Zoom sessions we did together.

I’d strongly recommend to anyone carefully consider embarking on the process of understating what TMS is, before rushing to surgery.

Surely one must go for qualified Doctor to rule out the 4 evils: Cancer, autoimmune, infection and physical trauma. Once those 4 are ruled out, I’d recommend anyone to enroll for Dr. Brosh’s program.

I wish you all good luck and lots of health.

Regards, Yossi Avni

S.D. 43, Early Menopause and Heat flashes

I am 43years old and began to suffer from an early onset menopause symptoms. Before turning into a hormonal therapy I wanted to try a more natural approach. What differentiated Dr. Brosh from other therapists was the fact he is both a Medical Doctor and Homeopath. Which sounded very professional to me, and apparently I was right. In our first meeting I met a pleasant, smiling, professional and thorough man, who went with me through the finest details of the problem I was suffering from.   He then adjusted to me a treatment that improved my condition dramatically. In my eyes Dr Brosh is a gifted Doctor, which was reflected both in the highly effective treatment he adjusted to me and in his support and warm personal encouragement to adhere to the treatment plan. To my great astonishment after 1 month with the treatment the Heat flushes were completely gone. Another surprise was the improvement I felt on the emotional level. Along the treatment he was always there to encourage me, and supported and answered any question I have had with much patience and care. Dear Dr. Brosh, I am truly happy that I could receive the treatment that helped me improve so wonderfully, and I thank you for the professional attitude, generosity, dedication and the accuracy of adjusting me the right treatment

I believe that I have found an excellent Doctor and I thank you for that!

T.F. 42, Engineer, Back pain and Herniated disc (Tension Myositis Syndrome)

‘I feel perfectly well and completely pain free! It is such a delight to feel healthy again and go back to my normal functioning! Owing to the renewed painless state, I was able to go back to the wonderful intensity of my life. The path we walked together brought about a huge improvement and the more I think of it, I realize I have acquired tools that could help me cope with whatever may come. Thank you for everything! You are a wonderful Doctor and you have basically saved me. ‘

A.J. successful Molluscum Contagiosum treatment for a 4 year old

Dear Dr. Brosh.

A few months ago my 4 year daughter was diagnosed with a skin disorder called Molluscum Contagiosum. I was not very happy with conventional treatment options, and gladly I read about Homeopathic. After the first visit to your office Homeopathic pills were prescribed and we have begun therapy. Before the beginning of the treatment the condition was worsening on a daily basis, and the rash kept expanding. Two weeks thereafter the disease process stopped. The improvement was continuous, and now 2-3 months after the beginning the skin is back to normal again. We wish to thank you for

R. Z. Suferred from Fibromyalgia and chronic pelvic pain for 7 years

Dear Dr. Brosh,

I am writing you after a while, I have waited in order to see that my condition stabilizes

Both my pain and anxiety are resolved, very thrilling!

I feel well, and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your immense support and patience in the process

It is indeed a blessing to have known you, and that I was able to develop gradually and through great efforts an inner sense of authority In face of the turmoil my life was in during those past pain inflicted years

A thousand thanks, with much appreciation

R. Z.

D. K. Suffered from chronic back pain for 4 years

Dear Dr. Brosh,

After the program I feel great. You have helped me so much, perhaps you can’t imagine what I’m talking about (…or maybe you actually can imagine that)

Huge Thanks!

E.S. suffered from 4 years of chronic abdominal pain

I wanted to share the wonderful path of healing, a special journey I went through, with the supporting and gentle guidance by Dr. Brosh. Even when I was down I felt it is a correct, precise and delicate path to healing, that fitted perfectly to soul and being.

Today I am free from pain, after 4 years of constant pain with no sleep and relaxation. There is much hope for sufferers in this path of healing- the most important factor is to trust, believe, know that the healing is at the reach of hand, and remember that if someone else did it before you, you can do it to! Thank you and I wish much success to whoever will go through the recovery program. All the best.

A.C. 50, suffered from 15 years of chronic back pain

I also recovered with the help of the modest Physician Nir Brosh.

I am now free of pain, after 15 years of continuous suffering. This is a true and genuine path to recovery, it should be spread around the country and the world. I said goodbye to all my old “friends”- back belts, medications and pills, creams, heating cushions, ice packs and more. I have spent so much money over seeing specialists, went through imaging procedures, visits to pain clinics, epidural injections as well as chiropractic, osteopathy, and physiotherapy treatments that were to no avail. Only thinking back about it is tiresome. I went through a disc surgery that was performed by the best orthopedic surgeon, I think I went through every practitioner that could offer help. Finally it was the diagnosis of Tension Myoneural Syndrome that brought about the cure. Dear friends- it’s a life saver!

Dan, 41. Suffered from recurrent and chronic back pain for 5 years

Dear Doc.

How are you doing?

You haven’t heard from me now for a while and that’s probably good news…I can say I am over everything now

I am now in a race to catch up with my profession, after these long years I couldn’t work, I sit as much as I want, and I train very hard as well. I don’t need to focus on my health any more.

I am really speechless- just a month ago I seriously considered changing my profession, to something that would not involve sitting or standing. I have truly experienced myself as handicapped. Now I sit in the office for hours straight and train as much as I want, and my family and friends think I am a medical miracle story.

I thank you very much for your guidance and support, thank you for everything!

O. F. suffered from 1.5 years of chronic generalized pain (Fibromyalgia)

I have met Dr. Nir Brosh 3 months ago. When I came to the clinic I was hurting all over- middle back, small of back, pelvis and hips, buttocks, hips, ankles and all the way to the feet and toes. Everything was hurting for a nightmarish 1.5 years. All sorts of changing and alternating pain- sharp, sensation of electricity, sometimes stabbing and at times numbness and also stiffness. I also felt bad emotionally and lost the desire to live. Today I am 3 months from the beggining point of the process and I can share that this chapter in my life is over.

The physical pain that I suffered from for the last 1.5 years had resolved completely. I even stopped smoking during the process. I have regained my strength and reconnected to my creative impulses and my will. I breath happily again. From this place I want to encourage also others- this way of healing pain works!

I thank you deeply for your support and for believing in my ability to heal and recover completely!

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